My Impossible List

My Impossible List
Photo by Daniel Höhe / Unsplash

As someone who wants to live his life to the full, I think it's fair to say that there are many things I would love to achieve in life. But I never really got around to making a physical list. I kept one in my mind which is probably why I never got around to doing anything.

Inspired by Thomas Frank and the original creator of the Impossible list, Joel Runyon, I decided to change that and create my very own Impossible List!

The Impossible List isn't actually a bucket list, it's an ever-evolving list of experiences and goals that you build upon each other. It's also a great way to show off your achievements and keep a record of them.

My Impossible List

The next part of the page is about to get personal, but I want to keep it as a reminder and public declaration to help achieve my life goals.

What I'm Currently Working On:

  • Achieving the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification
  • Uploading weekly videos to my YouTube Channel: Tech With Dom
  • Posting regular posts on my blogs
  • Building a Side Hustle

A complete list of my current activities can be found on my dedicated What I'm Doing Now page.

Last Goals I Completed:

  • Start a new website and blog for productivity and personal development (December 2022)
  • Start a email newsletter (January 2022)
  • Graduate from Staffordshire University - MSc in Computer Science (October 2021)
  • Cycle 100 Miles in 30 days for the Alzheimer's Society (April 2021)

Life Goals:

  • Achieve an Undergraduate Degree in Computing (June 2020)
  • Achieve a Postgraduate Degree in Computer Science (October 2021)
  • Build a Side Hustle - In Progress
  • Travel - In Progress

Fitness Goals:

  • Cycle 100 Miles in 30 days for the Alzheimer’s Society (April 2021 - I raised £170 out of my £100 target and cycled a total of 182.10 miles! - View my Just Giving Page) 
  • Cycle 100 miles in a day
  • Go on a cycling trip around Gloucestershire and the Severn Bridge

Professional Goals:

  • Achieve an undergraduate degree in Computing (June 2020 - Achieved a BSc in Computing at the University of Gloucestershire)
  • Achieve a master's degree in Computer Science (October 2021 - Achieved an MSc in Computer Science at Staffordshire University)
  • Start an email newsletter (January 2022)
  • Start a new personal website and blog for productivity and personal development (December 2022 - Started this website -
  • Achieve an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • Publish 200 blog posts on Tech With Dom
  • Upload 200 videos to YouTube
  • Gain 3000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Write a book
  • Create an online course

Skill Goals:

  • PC Building (September 2015 - I built my very first brand-new computer in September 2015)
  • Troubleshooting (September 2018 - I learned troubleshooting during my 12-month work placement in IT)
  • Improve my typing speed
  • Learn Powershell
  • Learn Python

Fun & Insane Goals

  • Pilot an aircraft (September 2019 - I completed my first flying lesson)
  • Bungee Jump
  • Skydive
  • Climb a mountain

Events To Attend:

  • Sabaton Concert

Travel Goals:

  • Visit Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (August 2010)
  • Visit Rome and go to the Colosseum (May 2014)
  • Visit Venice and ride a Gondola (August 2018)
  • Visit Lake Garda (August 2018)
  • Visit Warsaw
  • Visit Dubai
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Canada
  • Visit Norway

If my activities or priorities change, this page will be updated to reflect those changes. Last update: 30th December, 2022